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What was that?! [Wed/4-25-12/11:04pm]
Was it Bruins hockey? NOT!!!!
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Marc Savard Out For Rest Of Season [Tue/2-8-11/7:03am]



Boston Bruins forward Marc Savard made it official Monday, saying he would miss the rest of the season and playoffs due to ongoing problems stemming from concussions. The Bruins placed him on season-ending injured reserve.
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ATTN: Bruins fans with a .edu email address [Sat/7-17-10/8:06am]

Amazon is offering a free 1 year subscription to Amazon Prime (Free 2 day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping): http://amzn.to/bSH8jP

This is being marketed towards college students but all you need is a valid .edu email address, so teachers and alumni can benefit from this too!

Now is a time that I wish I was still in college. Oh well, what can you do?
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Voluntarily giving away the preeminent offensive threat: It's called Bruins. [Wed/6-30-10/12:34pm]

Why are the Bruins so eager to make Savard the next Kessel or Thornton? Won't they ever get tired of trading away their best offensive player?

Savard's new contract is not breaking the bank. In fact, I say it's a steal, given what he produces. If they want to get rid of salary, how about trading Thomas for a bag of pucks and a tasty philly cheesesteak. (Not hating on the guy. Just saying if I had to choose one person to give away for nothing more than the cap room, it's definitely Timmy not Savvy.)

Oh heavens, we have one too many centers. We'd better get rid of one immediately. How about the best one? God forbid they move the rookie to wing. I'd move even Bergeron to wing before I'd give up Savard. Besides, it's only a problem until someone gets injured.
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"Tallon said the Horton thanked him for the trade Tuesday."

It's probably a long shot, but is there a way we can make that his nickname? "The Horton"?
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The worst part... [Sun/5-16-10/12:43pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Ok. It's over. I get it. And it sucks. I'll still be there next year, cheering them on.

Honestly, the Bruins got further than I thought they would at the mid-point of the season. Epic Fail though it may be, I have to remind myself of that.

What I'm dreading is Monday, when I go back to work, and the band wagon fans have hopped off the wagon and starting asking me to account for "my team." It drives me crazy, how happy the "good times" fans are when the Bruins are doing well, and how smarmy they are when they aren't (or when they blow it).

Funny, it won't even be the Flyers fan at work who lords it over me (in fact, I suspect we'll have a great conversation about what happened). It'll be those band wagon fans.

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Well I saw that coming [Fri/5-14-10/9:39pm]

It's been great posting here folks but I'm done with this team that was the most pathetic thing I've ever seen.

*Will more then likely post when they actually do win a Cup if it's in my life time*
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To quote that little movie Star Wars.... [Fri/5-7-10/10:15pm]

I have a bad feeling about this.

I only say that given their history in the playoffs in the last oh say twenty years or so.

This series should be over no excuse what so ever!
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I just find it so funny that I jokingly suggested the B's pick up Recchi [Fri/5-7-10/9:39pm]

No one took me seriously and look at what he's done in the playoffs this year.

I just love the irony of life sometimes.
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Crisis of conscience [Wed/4-28-10/10:37am]

I don't quite know how to say this....

I'm afraid I might want the Canadiens to win tonight.

Ugh. Can't I root for an asteroid collision instead?

By the way, I notice they're up to their old tricks again. Every April in Montreal is when diving season gets into full swing. New season, new players, new coach, but the same old unsportsmanlike crap. From now on, it's called a "Maxim Lapierre Hat Trick": one goal and two dives. Gionta got busted too. Three in one game.

How do the self-proclaimed best hockey fans in the world feel, knowing their team routinely cheats and debases the game as a go-to strategy? Is that really a fun feeling?

Yet I'd much rather see the Bruins face Philly, with the Caps eliminated, than face Pittsburgh with the Caps looming in the third round. So, for tonight only: Go H

No. I refuse to type it.
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LOL [Tue/4-20-10/12:25am]

I can't wait to see like 234326423784238 posts when the B's win the Cup.

Oh shit I jinxed it!

Oh well no one is reading these posts anyway....
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anyone have tickets to the 4/8 game against the sabres they are looking to unload? I'd love to go to a game, and i might be able to get that night off of work. Ideally I'm looking for a pair for under forty a piece
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Bitz is gone [Thu/3-4-10/1:04pm]

So I think now is the time to reflect on the Vic Morrow Tragedy.
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Marketing idea. Any investors? [Mon/11-30-09/3:29pm]

Idea for a new pair of T-Shirts. Black with white block lettering. With the simple words, "Team Tuukka" on one and "Team Timmy" on the other. Where is your loyalty Bruins fans?
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Winter Classic [Mon/11-16-09/9:55pm]

Does anyone have any further information about buying tickets to the Winter Classic?
What do you think the chances are of the public getting a hold of tickets?
Also, are season ticket holders only allowed to buy as many tickets as they hold? (Like, my cousin has 4 season tickets, so will he only be allowed to buy 4 Winter Classic tickets?)
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Bruins trade Kobasew to Wild [Sun/10-18-09/9:30pm]

Kobasew traded to Wild

In return, the Bruins get Craig Weller, who is a winger playing with the Wild's AHL club (Houston Aeros), rights to a prospect (Alexander Fallstrom), and yet another draft pick (2nd round, 2011).

I suppose they also clear $2.33M from the cap. Which I hope was the intent.

Look, I'm an admitted Kobasew fan. It probably has more to do with him as a person and general nice guy when he played in Lowell than his play (although he's decent enough, for sure). But I'm still a fan. And this bums me out. (Almost as much as Looch on long-term IR). But I'll bite: If the trade makes sense, then ok. Life goes on.

Say what you will about Kobasew (and I know some of you will!), but given the poor start to the season, I don't know that this is the trade to shake things up and add to the talent pool. Which is why I'm hoping the intent was to clear cap room for someone else to come in, not to trade Kobasew away for a guy who doesn't seem to be any better, and for the rights to a prospect (and more draft picks).
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Sorry if I'm asking an obvious question, but why so many Whalers jerseys/gear at the game tonight?
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Phil who? [Sat/10-3-09/9:42pm]

If they play like this for all year I doubt we'll miss that Kessel guy much.

I still hate that Scott Walker though!
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A little late, but I wanted to weigh in on the Kessel deal... [Sat/10-3-09/12:03pm]

"We want players that want to be here." - Boston GM Peter Chiarelli on Phil Kessel.

Personally, not me. I don't give a damn what the player wants. If the Bruins want their players to dress up in little pink bunny costumes and have them do birthday parties, then guess what....Zdeno Chara might be at your place when little Joey turns 7. What the players want means nothing. What do I want? I want players who win hockey games. Besides, Kessel did have a choice. He could've either laced up and kept putting the puck in the net for the Bruins or he could've gone to play in Russia or gone to work for Wal Mart or whatever else dumbasses with no real working skills go to do. He may not have liked the Bruins system, but he liked playing in the NHL and he liked collecting a paycheck to play a game. And what about that system? Julien is a great coach. We know that. Hell, the guy won an award for it. He's turned this team into a contender and he obvsiously knows what he's doing. But the coach's job is to take the pieces he has and turn it into a winning team. He should be using a player's strengths and weaknesses to the best of their ability. He was given a circle peg and tried to bang it into a square hole. Is that the circle peg's fault? No, that's the fault of the guy holding the hammer. Look at baseball. Let's say Terry Fracona got traded from the Sox to the Angels in exchange for Mike Sciosia. Sciosia likes the aggressive game on the bases. If he gives David Ortiz the green light and Ortiz keeps getting thrown out at second, are you going to trade Ortiz? No, Scioscia would need to change his tactics to best use the pieces he had.

This was a shitty trade. There's no way to sugar coat that. The best team in the east gave away their top scorer and got zero in return to help them this year. What's worse, more than likely none of their three new shiny draft picks will turn out to be a guy as good as a 21 year old who can score 35 goals. The Sharks, the best team in the west, fell short of the cup. What'd they do? They went and did the right thing. They went out and added Dany Heatley. The Bruins aren't as good this year and could really use Kessel. Whether or not he wanted to be here, he made the team better.
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it's going to be a good night. [Wed/9-30-09/8:35pm]

Slap shot is on TV... is there any better movie?

Unfortunately it's the edited tv-friendly version, but i love it.

Going to the B's vs Ducks game next Thursday, anyone else going to be there?
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a little while ago in this community, i got some heat for saying "fuck phil kessel and his unreasonable demands".

it seems i've been vindicated. toronto just made a HUGE mistake and next year when he scores 35 goals against tampa bay and co. and then throws a tantrum and demands to be traded....well they can have fun with that. personally, i'll be sitting down here in MA laughing my ass off. for a 21 year old "shy guy" who doesn't like the media attention (apparently one of the reasons for his trade demand) he may have just made one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

Phil, you may hate Julien, but you have no idea what's coming if you think Wilson/Burke is going to be any better. And I hope you enjoy getting crucified A-Rod style if you don't bring home the Cup.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again, this kid is going to be trouble. demanding a trade and 5mil+ a year contract when you are 21 and have only played one full NHL season due to sickness/injury...he is way too big for his britches, and i'm glad we dumped him before he caused our team trouble.

and now that this is over and done with, lets get to focusing on the team we have.
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Fred Cusick dies at 90 [Wed/9-16-09/10:36am]



One of the all-time greats. Watch old Bruins highlights, and even with the sound off, you can still hear the very timbre of his voice.
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Practice [Tue/9-15-09/9:52pm]

Did anyone make the practice sessions on Sunday? If not here are piccies of the blessed event.

bruins practice sept 2009
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Fantasy Hockey [Thu/9-10-09/10:53pm]

I'm running a fantasy hockey league again this year and we're looking for a little fresh blood. Active managers only please. We had two managers lose interest midway through last season and it can be a bit disruptive.  If you're interested, drop me a note at grayskale at gmail dot com.

On a more Bruins related note, when the heck is this mess with Phil going to sort itself out? I really don't want this running over into the season...
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Dammit [Mon/7-27-09/9:23pm]

Axelson's gone. He signed a 4 year deal with his old team over in Sweden.

Helluva run he gave us.
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Derek Morris 1 yr/3.3 mil [Sat/7-25-09/4:51am]

I mentioned it on a my comment in the Ward trade thread, but I think this warrants its own post.

Bruins have signed Defenceman Derek Morris to a 1 year, 3.3 million dollar deal.


I love this signing. Morris is better than Ward in ever way imaginable, although 3.3 mil is a bit of an overpayment, I still like it.

Kobasew is likely to be moved now in order to sign Kessel. Or Kessel will be moved for another D-man.
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[Boston Globe] Updated salary cap breakdown [Tue/7-21-09/2:51pm]


If Kessel were to accept 4 million a year, the B's could trade Kobasew, sign Kessel, and have $1million in cap room for injury replacements.
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Bruins sign Hunwick to 2-year extension [Mon/7-20-09/4:33pm]

No word as yet on how much per year. Last I read, the B's were offering $1.2million and Hunwick wanted $1.5million.


So that leaves Kessel. I can't wait to hear out they sort that one out. I figure they need to free up $3.5million to make room for Kessel and keep $1million free for mid-season acquisitions (injury replacement). Sturm makes 3.5, but he's already said that he won't waive his no-trade clause.
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I find it both hilarious and sad.

Chris "Knuckles" Nilan: Busted at the South Shore Plaza for Shoplifting
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Beez resign Bitz, sign Begin [Wed/7-1-09/6:47pm]

Bitz was a no brainer, but I'm surprised they picked up Begin. I've always liked him, even if he was a hated hab. He'll replace Yelle, I take it?

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Ty's Free [Mon/6-29-09/10:53pm]


Looks like Ty Conklin's available. Do the Bruins have an obligation to pick him up to play in the winter classic?
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The Boston Bruins are in pursuit of Tomas Kaberle and a top 10 pick in today's draft.

Sources tell TSN the Bruins have offered restricted free agent forward Phil Kessel to Toronto in exchange for the Leaf defenceman and Toronto's No. 7 pick in the draft.

The Leafs are apparently canvassing the league to see if there are any better offers out there.

Kessel, taken fifth overall by the Bruins in 2006, scored 36 goals and 60 points last season, his third campaign in the NHL. With restricted free agent David Krejci signed to a long-term deal and the team pushed up against next year's salary cap, general manager Peter Chiarelli was rumoured to be shopping the young scorer.

Kaberle completed his 10th season with the Maple Leafs in 2008-09 and has two years left on his contract worth $4.25 million a season. While he has a no-trade clause, Kaberle's contract allows him to be dealt during a small window in the offseason that opens with the commencement of the draft tonight.


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Now maybe we'll use Tukka Rask like we should've all this year

**edit** I will add a couple more words (not uncluding these ones of course)

NOW THAT ITS OVER AND WE CANT WATCH (good)HOCKEY ANYMORE now maybe we'll use Tukka Rask like we should've all this year.
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IM SAD TOO SO RECONIZE [Fri/5-15-09/5:54pm]

Everyone remember this years team and everyone on it. Even if they were picked up mid-season. Because you will never see a B's team with as much depth on it as 08-09.
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