Stevie Z (sonofabish) wrote in boston_bruins,
Stevie Z


Axelson's gone. He signed a 4 year deal with his old team over in Sweden.

Helluva run he gave us.
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He may not have been a 50 goal or 100 point scorer but damn was he a consistent defensive forward.

He shall be missed.

P.S. We tied when I played him at table hockey at one of the wives carnival's I went to.
Agreed. Definitely Selke-quality play, year in and year out. It was always interesting to see him play on the Swedish national squad, when he was turned loose to play offense. He's got a decent scoring touch that never really came out with the Bruins.

And if PJ couldn't shut you down, you must be a helluva table hockey player.
He was never going to be a face of the franchise, but did that guy have heart or what? I'm gonna miss PJ on the PK :(
gonna be missed dearly.
but best of luck to him!!!
he's gonna be tough to replace. a lot of heart, he played with.
It's a damn shame, 'cause he certainly played his heart out and was totally dedicated to the team. Unfortunately, his style wasn't a match for any of the B's current lines.