Vinyayavieiel (vinyayavieiel) wrote in boston_bruins,

a little while ago in this community, i got some heat for saying "fuck phil kessel and his unreasonable demands".

it seems i've been vindicated. toronto just made a HUGE mistake and next year when he scores 35 goals against tampa bay and co. and then throws a tantrum and demands to be traded....well they can have fun with that. personally, i'll be sitting down here in MA laughing my ass off. for a 21 year old "shy guy" who doesn't like the media attention (apparently one of the reasons for his trade demand) he may have just made one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

Phil, you may hate Julien, but you have no idea what's coming if you think Wilson/Burke is going to be any better. And I hope you enjoy getting crucified A-Rod style if you don't bring home the Cup.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again, this kid is going to be trouble. demanding a trade and 5mil+ a year contract when you are 21 and have only played one full NHL season due to sickness/injury...he is way too big for his britches, and i'm glad we dumped him before he caused our team trouble.

and now that this is over and done with, lets get to focusing on the team we have.
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