Brian (steaksammich) wrote in boston_bruins,

A little late, but I wanted to weigh in on the Kessel deal...

"We want players that want to be here." - Boston GM Peter Chiarelli on Phil Kessel.

Personally, not me. I don't give a damn what the player wants. If the Bruins want their players to dress up in little pink bunny costumes and have them do birthday parties, then guess what....Zdeno Chara might be at your place when little Joey turns 7. What the players want means nothing. What do I want? I want players who win hockey games. Besides, Kessel did have a choice. He could've either laced up and kept putting the puck in the net for the Bruins or he could've gone to play in Russia or gone to work for Wal Mart or whatever else dumbasses with no real working skills go to do. He may not have liked the Bruins system, but he liked playing in the NHL and he liked collecting a paycheck to play a game. And what about that system? Julien is a great coach. We know that. Hell, the guy won an award for it. He's turned this team into a contender and he obvsiously knows what he's doing. But the coach's job is to take the pieces he has and turn it into a winning team. He should be using a player's strengths and weaknesses to the best of their ability. He was given a circle peg and tried to bang it into a square hole. Is that the circle peg's fault? No, that's the fault of the guy holding the hammer. Look at baseball. Let's say Terry Fracona got traded from the Sox to the Angels in exchange for Mike Sciosia. Sciosia likes the aggressive game on the bases. If he gives David Ortiz the green light and Ortiz keeps getting thrown out at second, are you going to trade Ortiz? No, Scioscia would need to change his tactics to best use the pieces he had.

This was a shitty trade. There's no way to sugar coat that. The best team in the east gave away their top scorer and got zero in return to help them this year. What's worse, more than likely none of their three new shiny draft picks will turn out to be a guy as good as a 21 year old who can score 35 goals. The Sharks, the best team in the west, fell short of the cup. What'd they do? They went and did the right thing. They went out and added Dany Heatley. The Bruins aren't as good this year and could really use Kessel. Whether or not he wanted to be here, he made the team better.
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