Ilene (murph_grrl) wrote in boston_bruins,

Bruins trade Kobasew to Wild

Kobasew traded to Wild

In return, the Bruins get Craig Weller, who is a winger playing with the Wild's AHL club (Houston Aeros), rights to a prospect (Alexander Fallstrom), and yet another draft pick (2nd round, 2011).

I suppose they also clear $2.33M from the cap. Which I hope was the intent.

Look, I'm an admitted Kobasew fan. It probably has more to do with him as a person and general nice guy when he played in Lowell than his play (although he's decent enough, for sure). But I'm still a fan. And this bums me out. (Almost as much as Looch on long-term IR). But I'll bite: If the trade makes sense, then ok. Life goes on.

Say what you will about Kobasew (and I know some of you will!), but given the poor start to the season, I don't know that this is the trade to shake things up and add to the talent pool. Which is why I'm hoping the intent was to clear cap room for someone else to come in, not to trade Kobasew away for a guy who doesn't seem to be any better, and for the rights to a prospect (and more draft picks).
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