Dan (carellus) wrote in boston_bruins,

Marketing idea. Any investors?

Idea for a new pair of T-Shirts. Black with white block lettering. With the simple words, "Team Tuukka" on one and "Team Timmy" on the other. Where is your loyalty Bruins fans?
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i'm team tuukka
Team Whoever Stops The Puck
Team Timmy.
Team Maybe If They'd Played Tuukka More Last Year, They Would Have Realized They Probably Didn't Need To Break The Bank On Thomas, Although Why Not Play Him Since They've Got Him.
Can we consolidate that into an acronym?

A big middle finger to the Tuukka chanters on Saturday. It's the same group who chant U.S.A. during games featuring a Canadian team. LAME.
I was at Saturday's game myself.

I personally don't have an issue with the "Tuukka" chant. Everyone's entitled to express their disdain for a puck let up in the last 18 seconds of a game.

The U.S.A. chant is quite annoying though. It's seems the chanters are oblivious that there are only four Americans on the team. Granted, one of them is Thomas, but chanting for Tuukka and then chanting USA will deflate and power up Timmy too quickly (80s style WWF).
I have issue with it because it just shows how fickle some "fans" are. I'm ok with boo-ing but the Tuukka kool-aid crowd wants Timmy to play badly. Kind of twisted don't you think? I think Tuukka could be our future but you don't run the current guy out of town just because you want the newer model in there.

Somewhere in the vicinity of balcony 322/323/324 they start the USA chant, BTW. I'm always looking down at them from 9.
My seats are in 321. It was over in 323 that the chant was coming from. There was a group of Senator fans sitting there, so I believe it was more directed toward them (give them such a great impression of American sportsmanship).

I don't think they want him to play bad, that'd make no sense. Those people just don't want him to PLAY.

I don't understand that either, gives Tuukka days off to rest. ;)