Catullus 5 (catullus_5) wrote in boston_bruins,
Catullus 5

Crisis of conscience

I don't quite know how to say this....

I'm afraid I might want the Canadiens to win tonight.

Ugh. Can't I root for an asteroid collision instead?

By the way, I notice they're up to their old tricks again. Every April in Montreal is when diving season gets into full swing. New season, new players, new coach, but the same old unsportsmanlike crap. From now on, it's called a "Maxim Lapierre Hat Trick": one goal and two dives. Gionta got busted too. Three in one game.

How do the self-proclaimed best hockey fans in the world feel, knowing their team routinely cheats and debases the game as a go-to strategy? Is that really a fun feeling?

Yet I'd much rather see the Bruins face Philly, with the Caps eliminated, than face Pittsburgh with the Caps looming in the third round. So, for tonight only: Go H

No. I refuse to type it.
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