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The worst part...

Ok. It's over. I get it. And it sucks. I'll still be there next year, cheering them on.

Honestly, the Bruins got further than I thought they would at the mid-point of the season. Epic Fail though it may be, I have to remind myself of that.

What I'm dreading is Monday, when I go back to work, and the band wagon fans have hopped off the wagon and starting asking me to account for "my team." It drives me crazy, how happy the "good times" fans are when the Bruins are doing well, and how smarmy they are when they aren't (or when they blow it).

Funny, it won't even be the Flyers fan at work who lords it over me (in fact, I suspect we'll have a great conversation about what happened). It'll be those band wagon fans.
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