Catullus 5 (catullus_5) wrote in boston_bruins,
Catullus 5

Voluntarily giving away the preeminent offensive threat: It's called Bruins.

Why are the Bruins so eager to make Savard the next Kessel or Thornton? Won't they ever get tired of trading away their best offensive player?

Savard's new contract is not breaking the bank. In fact, I say it's a steal, given what he produces. If they want to get rid of salary, how about trading Thomas for a bag of pucks and a tasty philly cheesesteak. (Not hating on the guy. Just saying if I had to choose one person to give away for nothing more than the cap room, it's definitely Timmy not Savvy.)

Oh heavens, we have one too many centers. We'd better get rid of one immediately. How about the best one? God forbid they move the rookie to wing. I'd move even Bergeron to wing before I'd give up Savard. Besides, it's only a problem until someone gets injured.
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